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24 Hour Emergency Service

Are you in the midst of a plumbing emergency and in the Winchester, Andover or Basingstoke area? We are a team of qualified gas engineers, ready to assist and fix your plumbing issue.

As mentioned we are available across Basingstoke, Andover and Winchester. We offer a same day call-out service for all emergencies and our team of highly motivated engineers can offer you a no hassle solution for your plumbing problem.

Why Choose Drip Drip Plumbers

  • Skilled Team - Our team are highly experienced in their field, this means that there isn't a problem they haven't seen or fixed.
  • All new boiler installations guaranteed - All our new boilers carry a guarantee, so if there are any problems we can fix immediately.
  • Fast and speedy - Whether it's a residential property or commercial dwelling, one of the team will be there to price your job anywhere in the Andover, Winchester or Basingstoke areas.
  • Full service - Our team will not only install, repair and fix your boiler but they will also run through how the boiler came to break in the first place.

What to expect from your boiler service

A member of the team will visit your property, depending on how soon you need them to - it could be on the same day. The job will be assessed and you will be provided with an itinerary of all the work that is needed and the costs.

After your job is booked in and scheduled, we will attend on the day and time agreed and carry out the work.

Full guarantee of emergency boiler repair work, once your boiler is ready to go and firing on all cylinders we will sign-off the work. If you run into any problems after this with the newly installed boiler, we will come and repair for no-cost.

Issues you could be facing

We all face temporary glitches to our overall happiness, and boiler repairs are one such issue. They can leave you without a cuppa in the morning, hot water for your shower or heat for your radiators (a matter of life and death in the winter). Perhaps your boiler simply doesn't stay alight, or you could be facing it turning itself off independently. All these problems stem back to your boiler. Below we run through a list of common problems;

  • No hot water - This is the number one problem, unsurprisingly. It can be because your thermostat is not turned high enough or you have a leak within the system.
  • Radiators not hot - This can be caused by trapped air in the pipes, usually bleeding will remedy. You could also be experiencing cold patches on the radiator. The gas engineer will power flush your system in this scenario.
  • Limescale/Kittling - The limescale accumulates over time, in the boiler. The engineer can install a scale reducer. This will remove the limescale from the system.
  • Loud banging noises - Causes include the water pressure being too low, or debris being loose throughout the boiler.
  • Pilot light out - Can be caused by loose seals allowing wind into the system or you could have valve problems.
  • Frozen pipes - Condensation can cause some boiler pipes to freeze in cold temperatures. The boiler will freeze in this situation and require a power flush.

Andover, Winchester or Basingstoke

Wherever you are within these areas, a member of the team can be with you in your emergency to remedy the situation. Give us a call to organise a gas engineer to visit your property.

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