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Drip Drip Plumbers repair boilers across Basingstoke and Andover. Our reputation is bolstered by the fact we work harder and smarter than other firms. We pride ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy plumbing company, we offer a guarantee on all new work and we have great reviews from previous and existing clients'.

All our gas engineers are qualified in their field. We train them all to be polite and courteous, as they are representing our professional services. For that reason we take complaints very seriously and hold all our boiler repair staff to a higher standard than most plumbing and heating companies.

If you suspect a malfunction or abnormality with your boiler, our team can diagnose, treat and remedy the issues.

Residential Plumbing Services

We are often called out for the following problems or issues;

  • Taps & washers
  • Frozen pipes
  • Burst or leaky pipes
  • Appliance installation/s
  • Filtration systems
  • Toilets and faucets
  • Showers and Immersion heaters
  • Overflows
  • Water pumps

We are a gas safe registered company. Our engineers are fully licensed to carry out gas repairs, including maintenance and installation of new appliances/systems.

What's wrong with my boiler?

Could you have a leak?

Boilers operate with valves and seals to enable the full functioning of the appliance. Because of this, there is always the feasibility that the boiler is leaking. Leaks can be caused by a variety of issues, related to but not exclusive to; rusting, corrosion, faulty pumps somewhere in the system, high temperatures and wear and tear.

Leaks can be quickly diagnosed and solved, however, it is also possible for new installations to have a leak, in these cases you are covered by our new boiler guarantee.

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Different types of boiler

Deciding on which boiler is right for you can be its own challenge, there are many types of boiler on the market, and depending on your requirements all could be a good solution.

The most common type of boiler is the combi boiler. It combines the two systems of water and central heating, negating totally the need for an external water tank.

Other types of boiler are more traditional, that have external water tanks. These include a system boiler and a standard boiler. The system boiler uses an external tank - used to store hot water, while heating is controlled through the actual boiler.

Standard boilers need both hot and cold water external tanks. These types of boilers are more common amongst older properties and systems.

Deciding on the right boiler

There are lots of options for a new boiler installation. Large brands have dominated the market for the past 40-years and companies like Hoover, Bosch and Whirlpool are now established with a selection of boilers for all budgets.

Whilst the choice can be stifling, even confusing, you may think that they will all do the same job. This is not the case. When choosing a boiler you should consider, your boiler needs, budget and what is suitable for the space. All come with their own advantages, depending on your needs. Our team can run through these options so you have a clear understanding of what boiler you need.

How often does a boiler need to be serviced

As an integral part of your homes DNA, a boiler should be regularly serviced to avoid disruption and breakdowns. We recommend this boiler servicing once a year. This keeps your boiler in the optimum condition and will avoid any major problems.

Keeping and maintaining your boiler in a good working condition is the easiest way to avoid costly call-outs for boiler repairs and servicing. Alongside this fact, we recommend boiler servicing to keep your boiler warranty valid.

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